Creating Family Harmony

Creating Family Harmony by Lynn Louise Wonders Let’s face it: When the family is all together during the holidays on long car rides to Grandma’s house or cooped up in the house when the weather is cold and… Read More

5 Tips To Build Positive Self Esteem in Your Child

5 Quick Tips to Build Positive Self Esteem in Your Child   By Shannon Essex, LAPC   Encourage rather than praise – Parents need to allow their children to focus internally on his/her own feelings and conclusions about… Read More

Encouragement vs. Praise

by Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S Q. I don’t get it. I keep seeing snip-its in magazines about how we should not say “good girl” or “good job” to our kids. I thought we were supposed to be… Read More

Holiday Parenting

There is a lot of pressure often engendered by our commercially driven society to be on the go without pause during the holiday season. Between ultra-busy scheduling, budget busting buying sprees, sugar laden holiday treats and lots of… Read More